How to Generate Leads, Sales & Clients 365 Days A Year
How to Generate Leads, Sales & Clients 365 Days A Year
The One Thing You Can Do To Consistently Grow Your Business Right Now
The One Thing You Can Do To Consistently Grow Your Business Right Now
A fitness business owner, Andy, sent me this email a few weeks ago:

“I’ve been trying to generate more business for months, but nothing has been successful. I run ads, promote my business on social media and try to get my clients to spread the word, but nothing seems to be working.” 

I want to emphasize something for you: 

Andy is a hard-working business owner who doesn’t just wait for prospects to show up at his door. But despite his hard work, he isn’t getting the results he deserves. 
But Andy's story isn't unique...
But Andy's story isn't unique...
Business has gotten more and more competitive over the past two years. Facebook ads are not as easy to get a Return-on- Investment from, challenges are harder to fill, and there are more strong competitors like Orange Theory and Planet Fitness who are expanding into most markets.

This means — whether you’re a new business trying to get established, or you’re a solid business looking to grow— you’re at risk of settling for fewer prospects, that are more expensive than ever before to acquire. 

But not everyone will struggle. 
The Secret Behind Businesses That Grow & Thrive…Year After Year
The Secret Behind Businesses That Grow & Thrive…Year After Year
Let me know if you’ve ever felt this way:

You know that you need to have a solid lead generation plan in place, so you start to think about doing more with Facebook ads. 

You don’t feel like you have the time or the expertise to run successful campaigns yourself, so you look into what it would cost to hire an agency to handle your advertising. 

But the agencies can cost anywhere from $500-$2000 per month just to manage your ads…and that was your entire ad budget. 

That’s when you think to yourself, “How can I do this? I don’t have enough time to learn everything I need to, so I don’t lose money on ads…and I can’t afford to hire someone…what can I do?” 

It’s what happens to so many of us. We get paralyzed between not having the time to do things ourselves, and not having the budget to pay someone else to do it. So we’re stuck and… 
…We Just Settle For Wishful Thinking To Generate More Prospects
…We Just Settle For Wishful Thinking To Generate More Prospects
That’s exactly why I’m writing to you today.

Actually, there is a third option. 

You see, when someone is consistently getting a steady flow of qualified leads, there’s no magic or luck involved…and it definitely doesn’t involve wishful thinking. 

Nor does it need to be super-complicated or incredibly expensive. 

In fact, there are actually 3 lead generation secrets at work in virtually all successful businesses. 
And, That’s EXACTLY What I’m Going to Share With You Today
And, That’s EXACTLY What I’m Going to Share With You Today
Once you understand these 3 secrets, generating more qualified prospects becomes as simple as following a step-by-step recipe.

Just follow the steps and you’re set. 

Take a second to think about what it would be like to have a step-by-step plan for generating qualified prospects… 

A plan that actually showed you how to get your ads to work, and the leads you get to turn into high-paying clients.
A plan that gave you tested, proven offers that you can use to grow your business month after month.

That’d be pretty great, right? 

Well with the right system in place, it’s possible. 

Before I get to that, I want to answer the question that may be rattling around in your head right now: 

“Why should I listen to you, Pat?” 

In the past decade I’ve built over 30 businesses, as a CEO and Co-Owner, with seven of them becoming million dollar or multi-million dollar ventures.   

Two of those businesses have been multiple time winners on the Entrepreneur Franchise 500, with each being the #1 franchise for its respective market.   

I’ve also been a Best-Selling Author 14 times over, have presented in front of thousands of entrepreneurs, and have been featured in Entrepreneur, Men’s Health, USA Today and on hundreds of other media outlets. 

Now, I don’t say any of this to brag. 

The real point is that I have been deeply involved in every aspect of the fitness business; facility owner, trainer, sales guy, consultant, franchise developer, etc. 

You get the point. 

There is one thread that runs through all of this. 
NONE of this works without Lead Generation
NONE of this works without Lead Generation
Lead generation is the life blood of our industry…or any small business for that matter.

The pressure of getting more folks to come through your door is what keeps most fitness business owners awake at night. 

We’ve all been there. 

A few short years ago, after I parted ways with my former business…I made the conscious decision to go it alone.  

I was armed with a solid reputation and an email list. 

That’s it. 

I had zero guarantees that anyone was going to work with me.  

And just like you… 

If I didn’t have a powerful lead generation plan, I wouldn’t have been able to pay my bills.  

And then where would I be? 

Well, fast forward a few short years, and the results speak for themselves… 
Since those early days, generating new leads and
having a constant flow of new prospects has
NEVER been an issue.
Since those early days, generating new leads and
having a constant flow of new prospects has
NEVER been an issue.
How did that happen?

I’m going to spell out some of those secrets for you right now: 
Employ A Marketing Approach That Keeps Your Lead Funnel Full
One of the biggest mistakes I see fitness entrepreneurs make is that they spend all of their marketing efforts running ‘commercials’ on someone else’s media, trying to get prospects to buy on the spot.

If we think about how we actually operate as consumers…this is a less than optimal approach. 

There is a reason that Netflix doesn’t run commercials mid-show and that viewers fast forward past commercials on TV these days…we don’t want to be sold while we’re trying to be entertained. 

So instead of paying for ads to try to sell someone when they’re focusing on being entertained, we integrate a marketing approach that gives the prospect something valuable in exchange for their attention later on…when they’re ready to learn about how we can help. 

Then we don’t pay to run the commercials to them…we actually own the station. 

Sure, we run some ads to promote irresistible offers for our programs when it’s appropriate, but by tapping into the psychology of consumer behavior that most advertisers ignore, we can keep our marketing funnel full 365 days per year instead of just running an ad and keeping our fingers crossed that things work when we have a challenge to run. 
Tap Into Proven Connection & Conversion Strategies That Generate Lasting Results
Let’s face it:

Even when you know where to find your ideal prospects, connecting with them and converting them into high paying clients can be a pretty big challenge. 

If you’re like most fitness entrepreneurs, you’re struggling to build a connection & conversion approach that moves those prospects from ‘interested’ to ‘ready to join’.

The truth is this: Building a connection & conversion system is in 2018 is harder than ever before with so much competition and so many things tugging at your prospects’ attention. 

So knowing this, we’ve developed proven & lasting strategies that will connect with the right prospects, educate & motivate them and convert them into clients…over and over again. 

It took years of hard work and tireless experimenting, but we’ve developed a number of techniques that work in conjunction with one another over the short AND long-term… 

…including powerful twists to tried-and-true conversion systems that make them 5-8x more powerful. 

Best of all, these strategies are MUCH more effective and MUCH easier than the approaches everyone else is using. 

Best of all, you don’t need a huge marketing budget or a 3-person marketing & selling team to tap into this powerful approach. 
Leverage a Proven, Step-by-Step Marketing & Conversion Plan That Gets Results
I can’t emphasize this enough: Unless you have a proven, step-by-step plan in place, you’re flying blind when it comes to growing your business.

Because they don’t have a proven blueprint, most business owners are reactive rather than proactive: 

“What can I do this month to replace the clients I lost?” 
“I’ve got a Challenge coming up…I’d better get the word out.”
“What can I send out for content today?”

I don’t know what else to say except: if you’re reactive as a business owner, you’re living on borrowed time. 

When you find yourself asking questions like this, it means that you don’t have a plan to grow your business and reach your professional goals.

You’re just hoping. 

And unless you know what you need to be focusing on, you’ll never be able to get consistent results. 

What’s the solution? 

A proven, step-by-step blueprint that shows you EXACTLY what you need to do and EXACTLY how to do it. 

Because once you have a proven plan in place, you’re set. 

There’s no guesswork and nothing to figure out. 

Just follow the steps, do the work, and you’re good as gold. 
So how can we take these insights and put them to use?

I partnered with online advertising expert Scott Rawcliffe to form Fitness Lead Academy (FLA). 

He is the prime instructor for the whole shebang… 

You may have heard of Scott before. He is known as “the Facebook guy” in the fitness industry. But his expertise doesn’t stop there.   

He has developed and refined his online advertising approach over time, making him THE guy businesses turn to in order to make sense of the online advertising world. 
As we all know, Facebook can and will change the rules of advertising on their platform at a moment’s notice, so relying exclusively on running ads there is risky, at best.

You need a comprehensive, across the board plan that is PROVEN to send quality leads your way. 

A lot like turning on a faucet when you need to, and then backing off, because you can… 

That’s exactly what the Fitness Lead Academy is all about. 

I know you work hard on your business. And I’m sure that if you asked 100 people, 99 would say your business is the best one in your area. 
But, sometimes great businesses shut down because no one could find them; and if they do, that business didn’t know how to convert these people to buyers, and keep them long term.
But, sometimes great businesses shut down because no one could find them; and if they do, that business didn’t know how to convert these people to buyers, and keep them long term.
Sometimes ‘word of mouth’ is just not enough…

…and you simply can’t generate the revenue a program like yours needs and deserves.

But there is a better (and easier) way… 

First, you need to stop the ‘wishful thinking’ approach to lead generation…
Who is Fitness Lead Academy for?

It’s for any fitness business owner who is truly serious about controlling the flow of new leads into their business, converting those leads into qualified clients, keeping these members for the long term, and therefore, determining the rate of growth for their business. 

Does this about sum it up for you? 
What Is Fitness Lead Academy?
What Is Fitness Lead Academy?
I think I need to take a moment and explain the scope of this program.

Let me phrase it this way… 

What would you do if you were suddenly teleported to a brand new facility in the middle of a town you had never been to before? 

You own the place, which is great; but you have just 30 days to get clients in the door to pay the rent on your new lease, buy food, pay rent on your new apartment, cover the bills, etc.  

And, you have no contacts… 

No ‘word of mouth’ momentum… 

No massive budget to work with… 

And, no clients.   


Where would you start? 



It’s THAT powerful.
It’s THAT powerful.
We created the product we all wish we had when we started out.

Let’s walk through it. 

Obviously, you need to start with the foundation: 
The Social Media Foundation: 
Everything from Facebook to Pinterest to LinkedIn. 

The entire setup process is covered here using quizzes, surveys and even a daily and weekly checklist of what to do for each platform.
Lead Capture:
This section contains things like ‘Done for you” lead magnets, Facebook video scripts, Facebook ads, Transformation Challenges and more…
These 5 modules build directly on the previous ones.
Next, of course, is:
Converting Leads and Making Sales: 
NOTE: This is definitely the biggest section for a reason!

35 modules in total. 
From follow up, to text messaging, to consultations, and video text. It’s all here. 

Referral systems and testimonials, email sequences, sales tracking, and every type of script you could possibly need.   I’ve also included my entire Sales Course!  (There are 20 modules in this section alone.)
Next comes: 
Lead Nurture and Email Marketing:
Did I mention that my entire business is built on email?

We’ve included “Done for You” promotional and newsletter campaigns, along with my entire Fitness Email Mastery course. 
Here you have 25 modules intended to make you an expert on the topic. 
How about a section on:
Monthly Promotions
No more guesswork about what’s coming next.

This has ClickFunnels landing pages, and actual Facebook ad copy. Done. 
Then we added in:
Organic Social Media Resources.
We created Social Media Content, Engagement Templates for Facebook, some work on Creating Headlines, and even a Video Idea Generator so you can keep the fresh content coming!
Finally we added some:
"How to Videos"
Videos on tweaking ClickFunnels and LeadPages.

Now, you can update all your funnels with a new level of confidence. 
Phew! Yes, it’s a lot, but like I said…

Nothing is missing. 

This “Academy” is just that.
A complete education on how to grow your business – even if you had to start from scratch someplace new.
This “Academy” is just that.
A complete education on how to grow your business – even if you had to start from scratch someplace new.
One concern we had when we initially formed FLA was this:

“What if we have two of our trainers in the same town, using the techniques they learned through the Fitness Lead Academy but they ended up competing against each other?” 

That’s NOT a situation we wanted to deal with. 


We solved that issue by giving you exclusive control over your area. 

That’s right. 
We are limiting each member of the Academy to two local zip codes.
We are limiting each member of the Academy to two local zip codes.
This way you aren’t cannibalizing the other guys businesses - allowing you to dominate your local market!

You'll have your own exclusive territory to maximize the chance that the message your prospects are seeing from you is only being seen from you.
This leads us to our second major concern.

What we DIDN’T want to do was to bundle this up into a one-off product and sell it. 


We all know what happens to 99% of those products, don’t we. 

Business owners start out with the best intentions, but the product – no matter how useful – ends up sitting in the box or on a hard drive somewhere, never to be heard from again. 

In the very first video, Scott makes it clear… 

If you don’t implement, you’re wasting your time! 

So we decided to make this like a true Academy in every sense of the word. 
This is a month-to-month program where we will hold you accountable to make more money and dominate your market!
This is a month-to-month program where we will hold you accountable to make more money and dominate your market!
You will have tasks to complete, lesson to complete and knowledge to implement.

And, the best part is…we will work with you until you do! 

Here’s the bad news. 

Like any Academy, there is limited enrollment. We recognize that it would be impossible to work effectively with every fitness business out there. 

Therefore, we will be following the territory limitation very strictly. We require every member of the Fitness Lead Academy to register their zip codes prior to enrollment. 

This guarantees enrollment numbers will be kept under control, to provide you with the security of “owning” your local area. 
  • 01001
  • 01089
  • 01432
  • 01460
  • 02038
  • 02053
  • 02725
  • 02777
  • 03431
  • 03446
  • 06333
  • 06357
  • 06790
  • 06791
  • 07004
  • 07006
  • 07079
  • 07739
  • 08003
  • 08034
  • 10914
  • 10992
  • 11374
  • 11375
  • 11702
  • 11735
  • 11746
  • 11795
  • 18034
  • 18051
  • 18411
  • 18452
  • 18704
  • 18708
  • 19002
  • 19034
  • 19422
  • 19901
  • 19904
  • 20151
  • 20155
  • 21030
  • 21093
  • 21224
  • 21228
  • 22030
  • 22043
  • 22314
  • 22315
  • 23113
  • 23114
  • 23606
  • 23693
  • 28273
  • 28278
  • 29566
  • 29582
  • 30022
  • 30076
  • 30253
  • 30281
  • 30306
  • 30324
  • 30327
  • 30342
  • 30506
  • 30542
  • 33611
  • 33629
  • 33813
  • 33884
  • 34240
  • 34241
  • 35213
  • 35222
  • 37027
  • 37064
  • 37067
  • 37205
  • 37209
  • 37212
  • 37221
  • 38117
  • 38120
  • 40243
  • 40245
  • 43219
  • 43230
  • 43537
  • 43560
  • 44094
  • 44102
  • 44113
  • 44145
  • 45208
  • 45209
  • 46202
  • 46205
  • 46901
  • 46902
  • 48076
  • 48188
  • 48335
  • 53562
  • 53717
  • 55044
  • 55306
  • 55317
  • 55318
  • 55331
  • 55344
  • 55345
  • 55346
  • 55347
  • 55364
  • 55379
  • 55347
  • 55386
  • 55391
  • 55410
  • 55419
  • 57106
  • 57108
  • 59714
  • 59718
  • 60102
  • 60156
  • 60540
  • 60564
  • 62034
  • 62062
  • 65049
  • 65065
  • 66209
  • 66210
  • 70458
  • 70461
  • 72712
  • 72719
  • 75062
  • 75093
  • 76028
  • 76036
  • 76058
  • 76110
  • 76643
  • 76712
  • 77007
  • 77008
  • 77024
  • 77063
  • 78660
  • 78664
  • 79119
  • 79124
  • 83702
  • 83703
  • 85016
  • 85251
  • 90046
  • 90069
  • 91701
  • 91709
  • 91711
  • 91730
  • 91750
  • 91752
  • 91932
  • 92075
  • 92117
  • 92118
  • 92135
  • 92155
  • 92626
  • 92821
  • 92822
  • 92823
  • 92880
  • 94111
  • 94133
  • 94563
  • 94566
  • 94588
  • 94610
  • 94611
  • 94618
  • 94705
  • BN11  BN14
  • N6G  NGH
  • 2191   4309
  • N8Y1C8
  • 2040  2206
  • 2145  2148
  • 2164   2176
  • N9A4J2
  • 2450  2456
  • L1S 3H2
  • 3000 3006 Melbourne
*Obviously, you don’t lock up these zip codes until your registration has been approved.

Once it is, you will be admitted to a private Facebook community dedicated to the Fitness Lead Academy. 

We strongly suggest you register your two zip codes as soon as possible, especially if you live in a region with a reasonable population. 

You can get started on the Admission Process here. 
We here at the Academy look forward to working with you.

Pat Rigsby.
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