Do you think your facility is too small to crank out BIG-TIME revenue?  Maybe you want a build a great business but don’t think you have the resources… 
All that’s about to change…Now you can get the systems you need while building the business you want!
Whether you are just starting out or run an existing facility and want to dial things in, now you have a solution that checks all the boxes for your day-to-day operations – including kick-butt sales planning - while creating an atmosphere that clients and prospects crave.

Here’s how… 
More than just an ‘operations playbook’, the Small Facility System puts proven and tested systems behind everything you do… 
IMPORTANT: Please see the important time limitation imposed upon this product below. Also, your facility – and the area surrounding it – will now be protected after you buy! See the details below.
We all know you can find “systems training” in any number of products, but none of them are designed to meet the business and culture needs of small to mid-sized facilities.

This system pulls double duty. 

Most independent training facilities bump along – sometimes for years – without any real direction or true internal structure. They also lack that indescribable, successful culture that turns clients into your greatest fans. 

Eventually, clients get bored, staff moves on and the business slowly dies. 
If you think you need a 5,000 square foot building…or bigger to generate more revenue, you NEED to check out the Small Facility System.
This incredibly detailed program walks you through no less than 41 modules covering Sales, Staffing, Marketing, Business Growth Strategies, Product Refinement and even Accounting.
Once you’ve gone through this system and implemented it into your business, you’ll quickly see what it means to be “running at maximum capacity”! 

As gym owners, we are always looking for a very different “ideal” scenario. 

What is that? 
Simple: easy to use systems, backed by a powerful culture for your not-so-large business.
If you have this in place, your business is on rock solid ground.
But, we also know that getting everything to line up like this is much easier said than done…

The Small Facility System walks you through exactly how to do it. 

You’ll discover… 
11 Modules on Sales –
The lifeblood of your business…
  • “We Are All in Sales” – An explanation of everyone’s part in the overall sales process
  • “4 Steps to Sales” – Clarification of the 4 major steps to any successful sale
  • "Sales Simplifiers” – Explains the traits needed to make sales completely natural
  • “Creating Value: A New Type of Sales” – Find out just how important it is to add value as part of every sale
  • “Ideal Client Prospecting” – How to make sure you’re finding the clients YOU most want to work with
  • “Phone Call” – Getting that initial phone call is crucial to the sales process, so find out how to handle it successfully
  • “Phone Call Sample” – Just like it sounds…follow this template to nail this step!
  • “Probing and Discovery” – Think you know what every client needs? Here’s how to determine this.
  • “Identifying Needs” – Together with the previous module, you’ll be able to demonstrate to the client exactly how well you know them, and what you can do for them
  • “The Close” – Take the fear and anxiety out of asking for the sale
  • “Building Rapport” – Without rapport, clients simply move on. Here are the steps to establish rapport
9 Modules on Staff Hiring and Development –
How to hire the RIGHT people and create a true “team”…
  • “Hiring Process” – Avoid the dreaded ‘bad hire’ with this vital information
  • “Attributes” – What are you really looking for in your next staff member? Find out…
  • “Compensation” – Take the mystery out of this sometimes tricky subject
  • “5 Dysfunctions of a Team” – Discover the take-aways from Patrick Lencioni’s classic teambuilding masterpiece
  • “On-going Training” – Learn how to keep your staff at the top of their game!
  • “Scorecards” – Implement accountability and clear expectations without drama
  • “Checklists” – Keep operations dialed in with these crystal clear communications tools
  • “Weekly Team Meeting” – Details on the single most important meeting you should be having every week!
  • “Weekly One-on-One” – Confirm your entire team is moving as one by covering this often ignored meeting
5 Modules on Accounting –
Keep your finger of the pulse of your business…without needing an MBA…
  • “Introduction to Accounting” – Whether you like numbers or not, you need to know this topic
  • “Language of Accounting” – Find out how to ‘talk the talk’ when it comes to your numbers
  • “Get an Accountant” – Get this key step right the first time
  • “Profit First Accounting” – Some trainers never get this concept clear. Learn the keys to profitability
  • “Math Metrics” – Are you measuring what you should be? Get clarity here!
9 Modules on Your Product & Culture -
Make sure you’re positioning your product and service the right way in your ideal clients’ eyes…and gain clarity on where you’re headed…
  • “Mission Statement” – This is more than just a one-time exercise. What are you all about?
  • “Values” – Be certain your staff, prospects, members and you are using the same foundation
  • “Vision” – Don’t go along blindly. Gain insight into exactly where you’re headed
  • “Introduction to Culture” – How to establish a winning atmosphere within your walls
  • “Driving Your Culture” – Make sure everything you do moves your culture forward
  • “Your Product” – Are you delivering the product you had hoped for?
  • “Pricing” – This tricky topic can make you a fortune or cost you everything. Get this right!
  • “Anatomy of a Challenge” – Challenges are all the rage right now. Make sure you’re on target
  • “Challenge Fast Action Bonus” – This can make the difference between scraping by or filling your facility
4 Modules on Marketing –
Whether you love marketing or hate it…you simply can’t ignore it. Find out how easy it is to put marketing to work for your facility…
  • “Ask Better Questions” – It all starts with knowing exactly what you want to achieve
  • “Focus on Your Strengths” – Don’t try to master every marketing tool. Dial it into what you’re good at!
  • “Secrets to Good Marketing” – You don’t need a degree on the topic. The keys are right here…
  • “Marketing Funnel” – No need to reinvent the wheel! Follow this simple flow to keep things moving in the right direction
3 Modules covering General Business “Stuff” –
From finding the ideal location to finding the ideal mindset…
  • Finding Your Perfect Space” – You may only have to do this once…let’s make sure you get it right!
  • “Book List” – Are you among the leaders reading these? Get these on your nightstand… 
  • “Big Rocks” – Determine if you are spending your energy on the right things…pinpoint your own ‘big rocks’
Now you can generate all the revenue you need from any small or mid-sized facility...without having to commit to filling a huge building
And there is absolutely no guesswork here…

All of this has been brought together by someone who is out there “in the field” right now using these exact concepts. 

Billy Hofacker runs two highly successful training facilities that LIVE by these approaches every day.

He’s a business owner who practices what he preaches!

He also does it in one of the most competitive markets in the US – Long Island, NY. 

Billy has also spent years perfecting an atmosphere others have tried – and failed – to copy.

It works.

It scales easily.

And it can make the difference between long-term success or slow painful failure.
Here’s what people have to say about Billy and his Small Business System approach…

- Lynn Coffey

"I've watched Billy grow through the years. He's more than an incredible trainer. He's someone who is magnetic. He values his clients and his staff, and his heart shines through in all that he does. It's no surprise to me that Billy is knocking it out of the park with his facility,y and is now teaching others how to do the same."

- Kelli Calabrese

"Billy Hofacker is one of the top fitness professionals and leaders in our industry. He is not only credentialed, not only has built a fantastic reputation and offers a service where he produces stellar results, but he truly cares.   If you are a customer of his, you are family. He has built a culture built on character including integrity, commitment, accountability and yes fun. It’s without question that I would trust and recommend Billy any place you are looking for excellence in your body, business and belief…”  

- Fred Zoller, Owner LEAN Performance Academy

“Anyone who knows Billy understands that his character and commitment to excellence propelled him to the top. He has a very unique skill set that has allowed him to create 2 very profitable businesses right from the start…I wholeheartedly endorse the Small Facility System, and recommend it to any fit pro looking to succeed beyond the traditional systems.”

- Eric Ruth, Local Leverage LLC

"Billy Hofacker looks and thinks before he leaps. He is strategic first, tactical second. And because of that, he's built a substantial, highly profitable fitness business around his core values, from scratch, without debt. And Billy knows numbers. In fact, he's the author of the most pithy and powerful quote on the subject: "The Magic is in the Margin". There are plenty of people who have big gross revenue numbers, but there are very few who have really sexy NET profit numbers. Billy is one of them.”
Understand, this is not just a series of technical systems you plug into your operation. While you will find those here…and they are invaluable…

The Small Facility System goes way beyond that.
  • This will help you build a culture prospects will seek out…and stay with for the long term.
  • You and your team will understand what it feels like to be part of something bigger.
  • Find out what your small facility business is truly capable of doing, without crushing bank loans or buying programs you can’t really afford 
  • You’ll experience the relief that comes with running a debt free business (one of Billy’s core philosophies) 
You’ll experience the relief that comes with running a debt free business (one of Billy’s core philosophies) 
You don’t need any more complications in your life.  

By keeping things simple and easy to implement, Billy Hofacker has taken away virtually all the stress that comes with being a small business owner.

Letting you get back to the reasons you got into this industry in the first place… 
Helping clients achieve their goals…while building a strong, enduring business along the way.

Ask yourself this question: 

What separates a good business from a great one?

When you think of a great business, you may think of the cool, comfortable atmosphere you find at Starbucks…

Maybe the young, hip vibe Google is known for…

Or it could be the “must have” innovation that is synonymous with Apple…

No matter which, you can bet all of them are run like clockwork on the inside.

There is NOTHING haphazard about their operations…all while giving off a very specific philosophy.

This is no accident. 
 Put Systems + Culture In Place For Yourself
This incredibly powerful combination is seldom found in the fitness industry.

If you apply the Small Facility System, this unstoppable combination can become what YOU are known for! 
These systems, checklists, and guidelines have been proven to work. Let Billy show you how it’s done in these step by step videos.  

As you would expect, all the resources are provided…the handouts, the agendas, scripts and layouts.
Don’t waste your time reinventing the wheel!   The testing and refining has been done for you.  

Of course, if you are unhappy with these systems; If you can’t seem to make them work in your business, just say so. 

You will receive a 100% refund of every penny invested. 

We are THAT sure of the Small Facility System. 
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