Discover the Complete Fitness Operations Blueprint You WISH You Had When You Were Just Starting Out!
Discover the Complete Fitness Operations Blueprint You WISH You Had When You Were Just Starting Out!
If you are like most fitness business owners, you got into this industry to help people feel good, move better, lose weight and live fuller lives.

What you DIDN’T plan on was are the “stuff” that would get in the way; preventing you from building the business you want…or worse yet, stressing you out so much you start to question why you do it… 

While you may love the idea of running your own successful fitness business, not understanding the “business” side of things can force you to shut your doors and – if you’re not careful – suffer devastating financial losses. 

It does NOT have to be this way. 

Dear Fellow Business Owner, 

We have all been there.   

You opened your business because you want to train people! You want to show them just how they can change their lives. The problem is, without a solid business structure, you won’t be helping people for long. 
You know things need to change. It could be dealing with customers and understanding the “lifecycle” of the clients that pay your bills.

Maybe your team is not what you had hoped. How do you REALLY know if you’re hiring the right people…then when you do…how can you be sure they are promoting the same message you are? 

Even if you have all these pieces in place, the pressure to get more prospects through the door CONSISTENTLY can be incredibly difficult to deal with. 

As every business owner knows…success is in the details.   

Here are some examples of the business skills so many of us struggle with: 

…dialing in your key performance indicators (KPI’s) – knowing your numbers!… 

…trying to make sure your staff is all on the same page… 

…gathering moving testimonials… 

…running a truly productive staff meeting or training session… 

…having a powerful mission statement, and a clear vision for your future… 

…feeling like you are a steady flow of prospects who want to see what you have to offer… 

…knowing how to find and KEEP the right people to help you grow… 

…refining your sales process so you don’t have to be the only one who “knows how to do sales”… 

…finding the right systems to use so your business can run without you… 

Any of this sound familiar? 

Most fitness business owners, even the experienced ones, have “holes” in their operations. Now you can find out exactly where they are and FIX THEM NOW – BEFORE IT COSTS YOU CASH…or worse! 
What is the “Fitness Operations Blueprint”?
This is a complete step-by-step plan designed to help you run your business like a “real” business.  

It will help you stop bumping along making crucial decisions without the right information and operating by the seat of your pants. 
Who is this product for?
The number of fitness business that don’t make it is staggering. You can feel like the odds are against you. Whether it’s a big box gym moving into your market or one of the big-name franchises going after your ideal customers.

The “Fitness Operations Blueprint” is for people like you…. Independent business owners looking for a way to refine your systems, get the right people in the right positions, and create a complete sales process that works like “turning on a faucet” when it comes to getting prospects in your door. 

If you are already up and running, but struggling with business side of things; or just starting out (maybe not even open yet), the Fitness Operations Blueprint will prevent you from spending months or even years doing the wrong things or doing the right things wrong! 
How does it work?
The product is divided into three major sections:
  • Operations and Customer Service
  • HR and Team Development
  • Marketing and Sales
Each of these crucial categories is broken out in detail, and walks you through proven – simple – systems and approaches designed to get you on track and keep you there.  

Each topic comes with a training video and associated PDF detailing everything you need to know; making it easy for you and your staff to review…and to get new clients and staff up to speed quickly and consistently. 

Let’s look at each one and see what is included: 
Module Overview
I. Operations & Customer Service
Here you will obtain a deep understanding of your clients and the systems they level of service they expect from you. 
  • Understand WHO your customers are
  • What is the ACTUAL “Client Life Cycle” they follow
  • Implement accountability tools to reinforce your efforts when clients are NOT in your gym – referred to as the “Other 165”
  • Put goal-setting strategies in place to keep clients motivated from the second they walk through your doors
  • Learn Individual “Session Standards” to make sure your service is everything clients expect…and what YOU expect
  • Create the exact forms and checklists you and your staff can refer to so everything runs smoothly and professionally – from how clients are greeted to keeping your facility clean and welcoming
  • Create notes and autoresponders so your clients are treated the way they expect to be treated, and how you WANT them to be treated
II. HR & Team Development 
Once you have your systems in place and understand your clients, it’s time to take a deep look at who and what you are.
  • What is your “vision” for your business?
  • Learn to get on the right track and doing the right things.
  • Determine where you see yourself in a year, 3 years…10 years
  • Pinpoint what’s working, not working, broken, confusing or missing within your business
  • Find out exactly what numbers you should be looking at and why
  • Determine if you are getting the results you expect and how to measure them accurately
  • Run productive staff meetings that actually accomplish what you want
  • Learn the strengths and weakness of you and your staff, so you can play to strengths or overcome weaknesses
  • Find out how to build a true “Culture” – both within your staff and among your clients
  • Dial in staff accountability and define leadership roles
  • Determine the right way of “onboarding” new staff members
  • How to structure a complete internship program complete with interview questions (incoming and outgoing)
  • How to conduct Bi-annual Reviews for your staff to keep expectations consistent and accurate
III. Marketing & Sales
  • Discover what ‘good marketing’ really is
  • Create a system so you are simply not “hoping for the best” each month
  • Tie your marketing into your “Client Lifecycle” so it all makes sense
  • Design a complete Marketing Calendar to take the guesswork out of what you are doing next
  • Refine your sales system with a 7 Step Process so you increase conversions
  • Find out how to obtain Testimonials the right way so others can truly understand what you can do for them!
  • Implement professional follow-up procedures so you don’t leave money on the table
  • Make certain your pricing is viable and well-designed
Keep in mind…this is not some “plug and play” solution. 

No business is.   

But if you are ready to implement, these proven strategies will work. 
You don’t have to re-invent the wheel!
It’s all spelled out for you in the Fitness Operation Blueprint.
About the Program Creator
Doug Spurling is founder and owner of Spurling Fitness in Kennebunk, Maine. Originally from Haverhill, Massachusetts he moved to Maine to attend the University of New England where he received his degree in Exercise Science. While in college Doug worked in the commercial gym setting, collegiate setting, and in home settings. Shortly after graduating at 21 years old, Doug opened Spurling Fitness. Since it's opening in 2012 Spurling Fitness has grown from zero clients to over 300 clients. He started off as a one-man show doing all the training and administrative tasks, working those long days that this industry is known for. 

Through strong systems, operations and organized growth he was able to build a solid internship program which has been a strong feeder system for his team growth. As the team grew he was able to step more away from the business thanks to clean and simple systems and operations, do less coaching, and spend more time working on the business.
He now leads a team of 6 full-time team members while having the flexibility to work from home, make his own schedule, and truly be the entrepreneur in the business. On top of the training business, Doug enjoys consulting, real estate investing, reading, and days at the beach with his wife, Megan, who is expecting a baby boy next month.

If you’re ready to put real business structure into your business, fix the ‘holes’ in your operations that are costing you cash, and start to build a long-term business that can run and grow without you having to be there 24/7, you need to acquire the ‘Fitness Operations Blueprint’.

Once you hit the “Buy Now” button below, you will have immediate access to tools and resources you can use TODAY to have your business running smoothly – and more profitably. 
Here is what some of your colleagues think of the ‘Fitness Operations Blueprint’:
Don’t let disorganization, one bad hire, poor systems, or a bad culture destroy your business!  

Learn the key “behind the scenes” steps other businesses use to not only keep their doors open, but show the kind of growth you’ve been looking for. 
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