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We know that the ability to coach your clients online may be particularly useful when social distancing is a priority, so we're eliminating the fee for our Online Coaching Specialist Certification to ensure as many fitness professionals as possible feel comfortable with their ability to effectively coach their clients virtually.

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There’s a seismic shift going on all around you.   You can look back and say,  “I guess I should have….”   Or you can read this and consider yourself armed and ready.
There’s a seismic shift going on all around you.   You can look back and say,  “I guess I should have….”   Or you can read this and consider yourself armed and ready.
(Of course, you really can’t call this “predicting the future” when it’s already here!)
(Of course, you really can’t call this “predicting the future” when it’s already here!)
Can you picture running your business without a website? Imagine your only advertising options being the yellow pages or newspaper ads.

What if the only way you communicated with clients or prospects was when they walked into your place? No email. No text. No social media. 

Would you feel a little lost if you didn’t use a system of some sort to track your members and their payments, and you had to write everything on paper?
Hard to imagine right? I realize this sounds a little archaic, but actually not too long ago, this was how things were done.

As modern fitness business owners, we have come to depend upon an entirely different set of tools to help our business grow. Things such as direct response websites and landing pages, email marketing and CRM systems are now integral parts of our service.   

Take Facebook as a simple example. The fitness pros who figured out how to effectively use this platform years ago had it made.   

You could run a few ads, at very low cost by the way, and fill your facility with prospects.   

It was a LOT easier than it is today.  

Now everyone is running Facebook ads, and it has become much more difficult to attract the right people through your doors. 

Those of us who figure things like this out first – the “early adopters” they’re called – gain a huge financial advantage over their competitors. 

Well…whether you realize or not, we’re at another one of those crossroads. 

The fitness industry has seen some ground-shaking changes over time.  
  • Boot camps…
  • Semi-private training…
  • Supplement sales systems…
  • At the moment, Transformation Contests are incredibly popular…
However, there is one rapidly growing revenue stream which has the potential to create greater income for your business than all the above options...combined.

More and more trainers and coaches – just like you – are adding online coaching as a part of their business, and some have enjoyed enough success that their online income actually exceeds what they’re earning offline. 
Why is that?

If you haven’t thought about this already, (which frankly, I would find hard to imagine) here are a few reasons you need to take a long, hard look at Online Coaching: 
  • In many cases, Online Coaching is the only viable solution for many clients with very little time.
  • Many clients who have come into your place in the past simply have logistical reasons they can’t do that anymore. Maybe they moved or their work hours changed or they have switched jobs entirely.
  •  It’s possible they heard about you or were referred to you by someone else, but live much too far away to come to your facility. 
  • Maybe it’s YOU who has the packed schedule, and you need a new revenue stream that provides the highest ROI for your valuable time.
(Of course, you really can’t call this “predicting the future” when it’s already here!)
The Online Coaching trend is here with the force of a freight train, whether you’re on board or not…

Don’t get run over…

By NOT adding Online Coaching to your services, you risk being left in the dust by less qualified competitors, leaving big money on the table and allowing these potential clients to go elsewhere for answers. 

Look at it this way, there will come a time when clients will fully expect you to have an online solution as a regular part of doing business with you.   

It will be as much a part of your business as your website or email. 
Ignore this trend at your own risk.
Once you’re ready to add Online Coaching to your services, you’ll discover it’s an ideal supplement to what you are already doing well!

It all sounds great, but there is one huge catch, of course… 

You must actually be able to coach someone successfully without them setting a foot into your facility. 

You know that your offline business success is built on delivering a great experience and incredible results to the clients you coach… 

…and if you’re going to coach people online ethically, then it should be built on that same foundation. 

Of course, you could simply build a business that is nothing but some Facebook Ads, “boiler room-like” sales calls, and deliver some cookie-cutter program to clients and call that “coaching.” 

But as this market explodes, those methods will quickly fall be the wayside…Why? 
The market will adapt faster than you can imagine.  Clients will soon learn what QUALITY Online Coaching looks like.
The proper solution? 

Deliver a coaching experience that is customized, produces great results, and leaves your online clients as happy with your services as your in-house clients are. 

And that’s why I’ve teamed with Mike Robertson to give you the blueprint for success you need in order to add highly-profitable online coaching to your business. 
My guess is that you already know Mike as one of the best coaches in our industry.

His gym, IFAST, is regularly recognized as one of the 10 Best in the Country. 
He’s a leader in our field, both in educating fitness professionals on how to be better at their craft, and by example, with the clients he’s working with in his gym on a daily basis. 
But what you may not know is that Mike has been delivering online training and coaching online for 11 years.
(Wow. Was there even an internet then? Just kidding Mike!)
He is an ideal example of someone being ahead of his time!
Remember those “early adopters”? 
Over those years, he’s developed systems to deliver world class online service that lives up to the standards of his offline business…which are obviously quite high.

So Mike and I have teamed up to share what we know has been PROVEN to work… to build a brand and attract online clients…and to deliver great results and a strong coaching experience to those clients, once they’re on board. 
Why a certification?
One thing we recently decided on was that – if you’re like most trainers – you DON’T need another information product you may never get through. 

What you DO need is a certification that tells potential clients that you ‘get it’; that you have met professional standards that other trainers won’t make the effort to achieve. 

And let’s face it, a Certification carries quite a bit more credibility than reading through another info-product.

You will: 
  • Discover how to distinguish yourself from all those poorly prepared trainers screaming for your client’s attention
  • Benefit from a new revenue stream that has the best ROI per unit of time than ANY other activity currently available 
  • Increase your company’s bottom line WITHOUT having to invest in a bigger space or buy new equipment  
  • Gain the confidence of working with people who have already proven their model works online, while avoiding the risk of wasting money on the latest “pretender” with zero real-world results.   
There are far too many ‘internet gurus’ out there happy to sell you ‘Get High-End Coaching Clients Now!’ products. Many of whom have ZERO success with actually producing online results! 

You shouldn’t feel as if you’re turning into an online marketer…that’s not what you signed on for.

We are proud to say, this is NOT what you are looking at here!  
How does it work?
1) The certification is divided into two major sections, described below; each section contains four
     modules, and includes all materials.

2) Take the on-line exam, and achieve a score greater than 70%. 

3) Receive the Certification as an Online Coaching Specialist through the Fitness Business Institute! 
How does it work?
1) The certification is divided into two major sections, described below; each section contains four
     modules, and includes all materials.

2) Take the on-line exam, and achieve a score greater than 70%. 

3) Receive the Certification as an Online Coaching Specialist through the Fitness Business Institute! 
Let’s discuss exactly what’s included.
As I mentioned, the Certification is divided into two main sections.
  • Section One is “Building an Online Business”
  • Section Two is “Delivering an Online Business”
Here’s what is covered in Section One:
Module One: The Foundation – Identifying Your Perfect Prospect
From the first Module, you’ll immediately see how the Online Coaching Certification is different.

Here's why: you’re going to clearly identify your perfect client and your perfect prospect. Without this, it’s virtually impossible to build a brand that stands out online.

You won’t be forced to compete on price, and you’ll be able to attract the ‘right’ clients online. Once you identify your Perfect Prospect, you have the foundation for everything else. But that’s just the beginning, because then you’ll use that foundation to move to… 
Module Two: Creating Your Online Brand
Next, you’ll combine the Perfect Client you want to serve with your own strengths, passions and skills in order to create your Online Coaching Brand.

You see, not 1 in 50 training businesses have a unique brand, and a way of describing it, that actually stands out in the market. 

That may work offline, when people are in their neighborhood…but it won’t work online. 
In Module Two you’ll craft your brand to reflect what you and your online business are truly about…and then you’ll go through the 4 Part Formula for ‘How To Talk About Your Brand’, so that you have a clear Marketing Message… and one that allows you to market in a way that truly sets you apart.

This new Marketing Message will be the core of all your future marketing strategies, so that your Perfect Prospects will finally know that you are speaking specifically to them with each ad, marketing campaign, or tactic that you employ. 

Your marketing efforts will almost instantly become far more powerful than what anyone else is doing because you’ll be connecting with the right prospects using laser focused precision, while they continue to employ the same old ‘one-size-fits-all approach’.  
Module Three: Building Your Platform
This is where you truly change the game, and see one more example of where the Online Coaching Certification is – again – different.

Once you have your own unique brand, you’ll use it to build your brand platform; so that the Perfect Prospects you want, will start seeking you out…rather than you constantly having to chase new leads. 

 You’ll learn everything you need to know about:
  • Facebook Ads - We’ve enlisted my ‘go to’ Facebook Ad Expert, Scott Rawcliffe, to provide a complete course on effective Facebook marketing…this is a product unto itself, but is included with the Online Coaching Certification.
  • Relationship Marketing - I’ve sent a daily email for over a decade, yielding 8 figures in sales. My clients have sold millions worth of coaching through social media channels ranging from Facebook Live to Twitter. 
My wife’s business has a following of over 70,000 on Facebook alone, and has generated 7 figures in what started out as a side business. 

All founded on the relationship marketing principles I will share with you. 
  • Positioning - How do you stand out at the BEST option in a noisy, crowded market?
Through Positioning.

“I’ll share the most effective strategies on positioning yourself as the #1 option for the clients you want to serve”.   
Module Four: Optimizing Your Sales Funnel
Now that you're positioned to attract the Prospects you want, it's time to optimize the conversion process.

You’ll be attracting the exact type of prospects that you want, and in Module Four, you’ll optimize how you transition them from Prospect to Client by utilizing Trust, Influence and Value.

You will adapt my proven Sales Formula to speak directly to the wants and needs of the prospect you’re meeting with, not only to make buying easy and natural for them…but also to make selling fun for you. 
You’ll be able to create both a unique level of trust and a strong desire to work with you, because they’ll know, almost automatically, that you’re the exact solution that they need to get the results that they want.

This is a complete paradigm shift in selling, compared to what most trainer’s experience; with both you and the prospect being on the same page, wanting and expecting the same things, rather than feeling like selling is a competition between you and the prospect. 

You’re conversion rates will thrive, the willingness of prospects to commit to longer term programs will grow, and all while you’re charging what you’re worth. 

Then you’ll move to… 
Section Two…Delivering Online Coaching.
In the First Module of Section Two, Mike will walk you through why Online Coaching is a powerful offering for both you and your client.

This isn’t just about freedom or lifestyle. 

You can deliver a world class solution for your clients, and you can do it without any longer being limited by geography. 

So if you want to lock in on the right reasons to integrate Online Coaching into what you do…this Module will spell it all out for you. 

In Mike’s Second Module, he teaches you the Administration and Organizational components of running a successful Online Coaching Business. 

One of the things you’re going to love about integrating Online Coaching into your business is the fact that it’s not complicated to manage…at least if you follow Mike’s simple and effective approach. 

Once you’ve mastered the management of your Online Coaching business, the Third Module is all about Intake and Assessment. 

If you’re going to deliver a world class program to your clients, you must lay the foundation with a seamless intake process, and an assessment that lets them know that you are giving them a solution that is unique to them, and not another one-size-fits-all program. 

This Module teaches you how to set the right tone for a long and successful coach / client relationship…and it sets the stage for the Fourth Module - how you’ll Effectively Coach Your Clients Online. 

For you to attract and retain clients online in a market that is getting more crowded by the day, you’ve got to deliver great coaching. 

Mike is recognized throughout our industry as an extraordinary coach, and he maintains that elite standard online with all of his clients…and he’s giving you his blueprint for coaching success. 

Now - if you’re worried about getting your Online Coaching program launched…don’t be. 

Not only have we simplified everything and given you only what you need instead of overwhelming you, we’ve also included the collection of tools you’ll need to get started today. 
Obviously, Mike and I have packed a lot into this product.

But then I got to thinking… 

I have something that’s already done that happens to be a PERFECT match for an Online Coaching Certification. 

In fact, once this popped into my brain, I realized I would completely go against my better judgement NOT to include it. 

As you likely know by now, I pretty much make my living through email.  It’s how I build relationships, launch products, coach clients (when we aren’t face-to-face), etc.   
Furthermore, once you have your Online Coaching Specialist Certification,  email will be THE #1 TOOL you’ll be using to deliver your service. 
See you on the inside!

Pat Rigsby 
About your instructors:
Hello, my name is Pat Rigsby. In the past decade I’ve built over a dozen businesses, as a CEO and Co-Owner, with five becoming million dollar or multi-million dollar ventures. 

Two of those businesses, Athletic Revolution and Fitness Revolution, have been multiple time winners on the Entrepreneur Franchise 500, with each being the #1 franchise for its respective market. 

Mike Robertson is the President of Robertson Training Systems. He is also the co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (or IFAST) in Indianapolis, Indiana.
He has worked with athletes of all shapes and sizes, from high school to the pros, and has spent time as an assistant strength and conditioning coach at Ball State University.   His passion is training professional athletes in their off-season. This is the time where he can have maximum impact on an athletes performance. 
In recent years, athletes from the NBA, NFL and MLS have trusted him to get them in the best shape of their lives.  Read More:
Frequently Asked Questions:
How is the course delivered?
The Online Coaching Specialist course is a digital course and will be entirely online (nothing will be shipped to you). Once you enroll, you will be given access to all of the material in our secure members area where you will be able to start the course on your own time, at your own pace.
How long do I have to complete the course and take the test once I am enrolled?
You can move at your own pace! We understand that life happens, and that just because you enroll today that doesn't mean you'll be able to finish (or even start) the class this week. And that's ok! Take as long as you like.  We aren't going anywhere, and neither is this certification.
What if I fail? Am I allowed to retake the test?
Yes, you may take the test up to 2 times. After 2 failed attempts, you will be required to retake the course (which you can do for free just contact us to be set up and we can see how we can help you understand the material better).
Do I need CEU’s to keep this Certification?
No. You are not required to get CEU's to keep this credential. You earned it after you took the test. If you go through this course and pass the test, you have the information available to be a great online coach.
What if I don't want the certification, just the information from the course?
Simple, register for the Online Coaching Specialist course, and don't take the test. I know not everyone needs the initials after their name, but still wants the education, so you are not required to take the test at the end (you must take the test though if you want to be certified).
Am I guaranteed to get certified if I take the course?
No. A certification that can simply be purchased isn't worth the paper it's printed on. That's why our course is challenging. If we're going to allow you to carry the Online Coaching Specialist certification credential, you better believe you're going to have to earn it.
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