A Powerful Email Series Guaranteed to Solve Any FitPro’s Biggest Problem—TIME SUCK
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And That’s The Least of The Benefits You’ll Gain:
  • These same emails grew my business from zero to 400 clients in only three years using the most powerful elixir known to man… motivation!
  • Far more than educational, these emails solve another one of your biggest problems: How to inspire your clients when they are not at your gym. 
  • A solution to your copywriting nightmare!  
  • Turns your Transformation Challenges into Lead Generation Machines. 
To: Fellow Fitness Professionals
From: Fred Zoller, Owner, LEAN Performance Academy 
Re: Solving Your Greatest Time-Suck Problem With 298 Done For You Emails
Does this sound familiar to you?
You long for your fitness business to reach its potential. But it’s not there yet, and that means you have no choice but to spend another 10, 12, or even 15 hours at the gym, buried under the weight of responsibilities.

So, like the other 34,000 fitness centers in the United States, you struggle to differentiate your business from all the others.  

You’re worried about the newest budget gym opening just down the street, wondering how it’ll affect your bottom-line. Or, maybe it’s the latest CrossFit affiliate who seems to have some magic potion that is flooding the business.

Either way, you’ve experienced firsthand the injustice of being one of the best transformation facilities in the city, only to lose potential members to other facilities.  

The harsh truth of our industry is this:  
It doesn’t matter how good you are if nobody can tell the difference between you and your competitors.  
And what’s the single best way in the world to differentiate yourself from all the rest? The answer to that question can be summed up in a single word — motivation.

Motivation is the closest thing you’ll find to a magic elixir that transforms ordinary client results into 95% success rates. It’s the only hope you have in moving a Transformation Challenge client to a Full Membership client, paying your normal rates. And it’s the best way I’ve ever found to grow my business rapidly. 
Who Am I?
Hi. My name is Fred Zoller. After almost 4 consecutive years running very successful transformation challenges, it’s now crystal clear to me that motivation, inspiration and education are at the heart of success.

Exercise and nutritional programming are important, but motivational/inspirational programming is essential.

You see, after receiving hundreds of emails and testimonials, I’ve learned that what our clients want more than anything is to be lifted up daily and affirmed. It truly makes a difference in their ultimate outcomes. 

Even if we were to see a client 5 days per week for an hour, they will still have 163 hours to sabotage their goals and lose motivation. 
And it’s made all the difference in the growth of my business.

In 2013 I had a 1000 square foot facility with 60 members. Today, just over 3 years later, my facility is 8000 square foot with 400 members on EFT.

I have high quality, enthusiastic coaches and a beautiful brand new facility. My members like this but what they love - the reason they continue to pay, stay and refer - is our proven motivation and inspiration. 

Since then, I have been 100% committed to changing the lives of every person I come into contact with and my proven life-changing emails are how I do it! 

And now you can have 298 of my best emails, done for you, ready to use the same day you download this package.

Here's why you should seriously consider this opportunity... 
Wasting Valuable Time Scratching Your Head With Writers Block?
If you are like every other fit pro, the task of writing 50-60 great emails is frightening and can be a daunting task. 

Unfortunately, good copy doesn’t come easy at all. You could know everything about what you want to say but still be stuck for words when attempting to put them on paper. 

Even when you have and idea of what you want to say, 300-400 words can take over 2 hours to write! 

I get it. 59 emails for an 8-week transformation challenge can be up to 8000 words.  Think about how long that would take.    
Trust me, I know because I wrote all the emails totaling over 45,000 words and it was daunting to say the least. 

Most skilled copywriters will admit that it is a skill that takes many decades of learning and doing before one is truly proficient at it. 

Let’s just be honest; copywriting is easy to do poorly; extremely difficult to do well. 

And that’s not it, can you imagine spending countless hours writing only to have your emails not convert! 

Who has the time and energy for that?  

Well I have a solution for you… 
298 Proven Emails, Done for You, to Engage, Inspire, Educate and Delight Your Clients
There is great power in motivation. It’s what pushes a person toward taking action and toward success.

Oftentimes, our clients or prospects have the desire to achieve a certain goal, but simply lack the push, the initiative, and the readiness to take the needed action.  

This is a lack of motivation and how we as fitness professionals can make a huge difference.  

Inspiration is very similar. It is defined as the drawing in of breath or inhalation. For fitness professionals its like us breathing life into our clients. 

Stories change lives and consistently hearing about the ordinary doing the extraordinary helps us better understand that we too can make big changes and do great things if we are willing to make the sacrifices.  

It helps us to see and believe that greatness is within us! 

Education is also at the heart of what we do as coaches.  

Nelson Mandela said Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world. He was right.

The challenge for coaches is the amount of education required, the systems we used to deliver it and the time it takes to create it.  

Can you imagine a fitness business without these three major services? I have actually trained at a facility before where motivation, inspiration and education were basically non-existent.  

It was scary. 

I am about to share with you one way you can transform how you motivate, inspire and educate your clients without wasting any of your precious time needed to grow your business! 
Transformation Challenges as LEAD Generating Machines
If RETENTION and REFERRALS are important to you, read this:

Almost all fitness professionals use the power of transformation challenges to create a flow of leads, generate more revenue and drive more prospects to their businesses. 

If you are not, you should be.  

Getting those leads and prospects is great but the real growth and profit comes from those challengers that you retain. So retention is really the key. Did you know that each 1% increase in client retention equals 7% increase in profits? Impressive. 
How do you do it? Simple…RESULTS

But as you know, results do not always come easy. It is a very detailed process that requires real attention to detail and a system of over delivering.  

One of the most important ways to over deliver during a challenge is the existence and quality of your motivational and inspirational email drip! 

As you read earlier, motivation pushes people to take action, inspiration continues to give your clients life and education is the heart.  

Imagine if you could guarantee a 95% success rate with your challengers! 

Imagine how easy it would be to retain them! 

Imagine how easy it would be to ask for a referral and we know that 76.3% of fitness business owners say referrals produce more good clients than anything else. 

Imaging what providing a proven drip of the most amazing emails to help promote action leading to success would do for your business! 

If you agree, and I know you do, this product is for you. 
What Others Are Saying
"I seriously LOVE this product! If you run challenges, this is a must have!! The amount of time Fred will save you is worth far more than the price...not to mention the incredible value add you'll be delivering to your challengers. Even if you're already good at writing emails and you already have your own autoresponders in place (like me) this is a tool you want in your toolbox. I will certainly be using it to update my own challenge autoresponders."
Justin Yule
President & Chief Fitness Officer of The Transformation Club
Co-Author of The Transformation Book
Fred has done it again. I don't know how he does it, honestly, the man is a machine. Not only in the quality of content that he provides but also in his passion for this industry. I have had the pleasure to sit down for many dinners with Fred and his energy and passion for those he serves is almost palpable.
What I respect most about Fred is that he is a true coach's coach. He is in the trenches every day finding ways to make his gym better and simply wants to share what's working for him with others. This isn't theory stuff, this is tested and proven at his own gym.
A wise man once said that the fastest ways to success is to follow the path others have created and with this product Fred has floodlights on his path to success. Running a gym and a start-up makes time is my most valuable resource. If a guy, the caliber of Fred, is willing to share his best stuff I want to be part of it.
Even if you don't use this content, which you should, for transformation challenges, you have newsletters for the next 5-10 years. The amount of content Fred has included here will save me weeks, or more like months, of writing time. He provided 99% of the content. All I have to do is tweak it to fit my business.
If you want tested, in the trenches, proven material Fred is your guy.
Trevor Wittwer
Owner of Functional Fitness
Co-Founder of Habit Catalyst
WOW! I just reviewed the content of your product and it is excellent!! This product will save trainers countless hours of time while providing them with awesome strategies to increase retention and referrals.
The content alone is high quality and provides an excellent blueprint for educating, motivating and inspiring clients. If you are running challenges or plan to in the future or you just want to over deliver to your clients and prospects, this is an awesome done-for-you tool …this gets my highest endorsement!
Georgette Pann
Fitness Bootcamp Expert
Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Club
Co-Owner NutriFitness Bootcamps
"Damn! This product should be standard operating procedure for EVERY fitness professional running transformation challenges! An absolute no-brainer!
The amount of time this product is saving me is 100 times the ridiculously low price tag. It is so good, I already have my admin adding these emails to my transformation challenge email sequences.
Fred is one of my most trusted resources within the fitness industry and ALWAYS over delivers. I’ve been blessed to work side-by-side with him and see how he consistently provides some of the very best content and products for fitness pros, but he outdid himself with this one!
This is hands down his best work to date! GRAND SLAM! SLAM DUNK! MATCH POINT! TOUCHDOWN!
The only drawback I see with this is that it won’t be my secret weapon because any fitness pro worth their weight will be using it also!"
Rick Streb
Best Selling Author
Creator of Pro Diets
Nutrition Profit System
Fred Zoller is one of the most gifted fitness business owners I've ever met. His gift is a sincere, uplifting and inspirational communication style that hits you right in the heart. Read these emails and you'll see exactly what I mean, and you'll know exactly why they work so well. Every business owner is first and foremost in the communication business. The more emotional your communication, the more effective it is, the more it bonds people to you. Fred's nailed it here, and now you can benefit from his years of hard work. I strongly endorse this product, and this man. He delivers the goods.
Eric Ruth
Local Leverage LLC
I have started, owned and operated multiple fitness facilities since 2001.

I know what it’s like to start from scratch, open a new fitness facility every six months like clockwork for four years straight, and then start selling franchise units.

I know what it means to be on the front lines, in the trenches, and to experience the emotional rollercoaster of being overwhelmed with duties and responsibilities.

I’m sharing all this because I want you to know that I know what you are going through.

I have years of real world fitness experience under my belt, and for those savvy business owners willing to listen, I’ve been able to help solve some seemingly unsolvable problems.

And if you’d like to know the three great paradigm shifts I always start with as a consultant, it’s these:

1) You are not the hero in this story. Your customer is the hero. Your role is to be the mentor to guide the hero on their hero’s journey. Remove yourself from the spotlight, and focus everything on your business from your customer’s perspective.

2) There are only two universal languages: Music and human emotion. Music notes are the same across the world, and we all feel emotion the same. And while you are not in the music business, you are in the human emotion business. More than being in the fitness business, you are in the emotional delivery business. Write this down: Your only strategy is human emotion. Everything else is a tactic. Your building, weights, workout programs, dieting advice… they're all tactics to support human emotions.

3) Find the right mentor to show you the ropes, and be very selective in your choice.

Which is why I wholeheartedly recommend Fred Zoller and his 298 proven emails!

Through these emails, Fred fulfills on all three points above.

These emails show his masterful understanding that it's not about him; it’s about his customer, and his role as to guide his clients on their [emotional] journey.

If you need more proof of this man’s character, look no further than the success of his business.

That’s why you need to get these emails, personalize them, and start sending them out asap.

Not only will they save you time and money, but they'll also save you from the curse of knowledge — being too analytical from your customer’s perspective.

They’ll help you bond and stay bonded with your members when they are not at your gym.

Ultimately, they’ll help you retain more clients and make you more money.

If you were paying me as a consultant, the advice I just gave you would have cost you hundreds more than these emails.

So get them. Use them. Save some money. And profit from them.

Then, send Fred and email and thank him. 
Aaron Crocker
Local Leverage LLC
How Can These Amazing and Powerful Emails Help You?
  • Increased Engagement - Engagement is crucial to client-coach relationship and leads to greater success.
  • Increased Accountability - Even if your clients came to you 5 days per week, they would still be elsewhere the majority of the time, and these emails will be your key to affecting them on a daily basis. 
  • Increased Education - There is only so much education that can take place in the gym; there is a part that must be done outside of the gym. 
  • Increased Community Building - The Friday check-ins lead members to the private Facebook group where every member can share and build community based on the calls to action in each email. 
  • Increased Relationship Building between You and Your Clients - Relationships are the key to long term marketing success. 
  • Increased Value - The more you provide in your challenges the more value you create and nothing matches great motivational emails.
  • Dramatically Increased Results - Almost ALL of our members have said that the daily emails were what they loved the most and kept them on track.
  • Increased Retention - The greater your results, the greater your retention.
  • Increased Referrals - Happy customers become ambassadors of your business who send you a continual stream of new clients...
Check Out What’s Included?
  • Welcome Emails for Transformation Challenges - Used to get your transformation challenges started off on the right foot!
  • Survey Emails for Transformation Challenges - At the end of each series to provide the necessary information for you to improve each challenge and get rave reviews.
  • Motivational Monday Emails - Start the week with some motivation to push you through the weeks and break the cycle of bad weekends.
  • Inspirational Tuesday Emails - Designed to inspire you to be the best version of yourself.
  • Educational Wednesday Emails - Add to the education needed to be successful in the challenge and long term.
  • Inspirational Thursday Emails - Designed to inspire you to take risk and dig deep to discover your true potential.
  • Friday Check In Emails - Calls to action to make sure your challengers are on track, challenge them and increase engagement in the FB group.
  • Workout Saturday Emails - A super spicy workout for those who thinking missing the gym is there way out!
  • Sunday Reflection Emails - Emails to help you reflect on the past week and move FORWARD to the next week.
There are a total of two 8-Week Transformation Challenge Sets (59 emails each) and four 6-Week Transformation Challenge Sets (45 emails each)!
Check Out the Multiple Ways These Amazing Emails Can be Used!
  • Transformation Challenges
  • Facebook Marketing and Content
  • Content for Your Email List
  • Sales and Marketing Emails
  • Amazing Content for Your Current Members to keep them JACKED!
Now If That Is Not Enough To Convince You
I am in the business of over delivering, let’s just be honest. It took the better part of a year of running transformation challenges and countless hours to collect, draft and perfect the most powerful and emotional emails around.

Take a second and think of all the time and energy you will save and rest assured that your content is going to produce the kind of results you demand as a high-level fitness professional. 

Imagine how it can help you if you are running 5-6 challenges per year. 

Think of how exciting it would be to deliver fresh content each challenge. 

Remember, the power of storytelling and emotional connections linked to motivation and inspiration coupled with top-notch education is the difference maker. 

Don’t waist 5 more hours writing emails when you don’t have to! 

Grab these 298 emails for only .32 cents each, copy and paste and get to massively growing your business! 
Just Click “Add to Cart” Below To Gain Instant Access For ONLY $195
Price: $195
To Your Success,

Fred Zoller  
P.S. – Just A Reminder: This is 298 DONE FOR YOU EMAILS ready to deploy today!  THAT’S ONLY .32 CENTS PER EMAIL! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? 

P.S.S. – You have my Iron-Clad, 100% Money-Back Guarantee, I’m giving you a full 60 days to use the motivational emails. If it hasn’t made an impact within the first few sends …I will give you a FULL REFUND. No questions asked.  
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