Free Book! The Ideal Business Formula
Free Book! The Ideal Business Formula
Free Book! The Ideal Business Formula
Your guide to Earn More Income, Have More Impact and Enjoy More Freedom By Building a Business  That Serves You…
Your guide to Earn More Income, Have More Impact and Enjoy More Freedom By Building a Business  That Serves You…
“Pat Rigsby is one of the great minds of the Fitness industry! His words and insights are pure Gold!!” - Kelsey Dunbar
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What is The Ideal Business Formula?
Well, I can tell you what it’s NOT…

It’s NOT a book explaining how to open a fitness studio or gym. 
It’s NOT a book droning on about business concepts and spreadsheet formulas.
And it’s NOT a personal development book full of concepts you can’t put into action.

There may be a place for those types of books…just not here. 

The Ideal Business Formula is your guide to creating a life of balance and enjoyment, while building a business that serves your long-term goals…all on your terms. 

No burnout.
No sacrifice of precious family time.
No tiny profit margins that threaten your financial future.

Early in my business career, I believed that “more” and “bigger” was the end goal of all businesses. Only to discover that I experienced less and less enjoyment with each passing year. Having been involved with starting and growing over 25 different businesses, with several growing to seven figures or more, I discovered how to break out of the trap, and finally created a business structure that served me, instead of the other way around. 

Today, I have more time, work fewer (but smarter) hours and enjoy a higher income than at any point in my life.  

And you can do the same…
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Check Out What Others Are Already Saying About Pat Rigsby!
"I'm a big fan of Pat Rigsby not only because he's extremely bright and a great guy, but also because he's a versatile, open-minded innovator. 

In other words, he doesn't just assume one strategy is the right fix for everyone's problems, but recognizes that each fitness business needs a unique marketing blend that takes into account everything from staff/client culture, to training model, to geographic location, to target demographic.  

I don't just learn something each time I speak with Pat; he actually makes me think about the things I already know in a newer and more productive ways."
Eric Cressey
Cressey Sports Performance
"I joined Pat Rigsby's mastermind when I was training out of my own 1,000 square foot garage. In the next year and a half I took my business from around $70k+ to over $250k+. Being surrounded by other fit pro's that were ruthlessly committed to expanding and excellence; and a coach that created guidance in what we wanted - was the catalyst for the big change in my business.  Today, we're closing in on the $3/4 million mark with a 4600 square foot facility in Seattle, punching over $500k in Slovenia (a place everyone said this couldn't be done) along with creating our fitness business coaching business which in in the very high 6 figures a year.  Being in Pat's mastermind was the foundation of it all.   Pat Rigby is an O.G. in the fitness business game. Been there, done that and STILL doing it!"   
Luka Hocevar
Vigor Functional Training Centre
“Pat Rigsby has been a key component of my business growth over the past 10 years.As someone who got into the world of training to train people, business was not my forte. And while I’m definitely not a business expert, I feel I’m on the right path because of Pat’s expertise and guidance.   
It’s taken some hard work and dedication on my part, but Pat has been there with my every step of the way to help me create my ideal business.

If you feel like you need structure, guidance, or just a friendly kick in the pants, give Pat a shot - you’ll be glad you did.”
Mike Robertson
Co-Owner, IFAST
One of America’s Top 10 Gyms - Men’s Health
“If you’re looking to build a business that is rewarding in every way, Pat is the man that can help you. He’ll give you a proven formula for personal and professional success.”
Lewis Howes
New York Times Best-selling
“This book is a MUST for anyone who wants a more fulfilling business. If you want to enjoy your business more and create more IMPACT in the universe, Pat gives you the blueprint .”
Todd Durkin,
Author, The WOW BOOK & The IMPACT Body Plan, Trainer, NBC STRONG Member, Under Armour Performance Training Team
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Here Are Some Of The Revelations You Will Find Inside This Free Book…
  • How to use the “guardrail principle” to keep you focused on the right things…
  • Learn how true business leaders, with massive responsibility, keep everything dialed in…
  • How to crush the myth that “grinding 24/7” as the only way to get ahead…
  • Discover the list of 20 “Ideal Business Rules” you can build into your mindset—starting today…
  • Read about the five distinct qualities that should be part of ANY business you’re involved with…
  • Learn the “Ideal Mindset” shift you MUST make to find true personal-business balance…
  • Find out how entrepreneurs gets tripped up by their own misconceptions of success…
  • Experience the power of “No”…
  • How blaming your circumstances can keep you trapped when you don’t need to be…
  • How you can build a new “Ideal Foundation” no matter what stage your business is in…
  • How to create your own definition of success…
  • How to change your existing company culture to help build your new future…
  • Understand the seven rules of leadership that will drive you towards your goals…
  • How to put your marketing to work creating a “Category of One”
  • Grasp the five point marketing formula that can make all of the above happen even faster…
  • Use these four key “accelerants” to own whatever platform you’re on…
  • How to apply the concept of Periodization in your business
  • How learning a new approach to Ideal Time Management can put you into hyper-drive…
  • And much, much more…
Here’s what some of your fellow entrepreneurs had to say about the Ideal Business Formula…
Never has there been a fitness business coach able to teach fitness entrepreneurs how to have "their" "IDEAL" business and therefore "their IDEAL" life. This is what we are all looking for and this book is the answer.
- Fred Zoller
Awesome book. Is really helping me to clarify what I want in my business and makes me really think. That's what you want in books like these- ones to make you think then take action
- Anne Spragins
I like that it was an easy read and lots of great content for a business owner
- Scott Miller II
This Book helped me to clarify the steps it takes to build the business that works for me.... My business fits around the life that I want, and gives me a tremendous feeling of success.
- Jen Neely
Love Pat! I have met and talked with him in person and he lives in this world. I would say he is the best at not only helping individuals create their ideal business but also at helping them actually understand what their ideal business is.
- Sam Youngblood
Pat is the go-to guy when it becomes to building your ideal business in order to achieve your ideal personal life.
- Fares Saad
Pat’s book is the perfect read for anyone, especially those who own and want to own their own business. He breaks down the steps to creating the ideal business AND life. I highly recommend!
- Kindle Customer
Give Me Access To My FREE Copy Now!
This book sells day in and day out on Amazon for $19.95…(go ahead and check!)  But today, I would like to give you a FREE copy…with ZERO ulterior motive. 

My current business is entirely based on the concept of building the “Ideal Business”.

I’ve spent years testing various iterations of it… 

I believe in this concept so thoroughly, I refuse to conduct business any other way. And I know this unique approach to how you conduct business will bring you the same freedom, balance and financial return I’ve experienced…
No hidden upsells or obligations.   Just a path to a more balanced personal and professional life. 

So, why am I giving away a $20.00 book for FREE? 

Well, there are actually a few reasons...

1. It is my way of starting off a relationship with you, by giving you clear value upfront.

2. Because (unlike other "guru") I don't hold back my best advice until you pay me some ‘high ticket’ fee. I’d rather earn your trust by giving first and hopefully (eventually) earning your business.  

3. I feel confident that if I can help the business owners in our industry become successful, we all win.  

4. I kind of prefer to be different. While everyone else is sharing a bunch of ‘high ticket case studies’ but nothing that really helps you TODAY, I prefer to give you things that help your business now, so you can actually be the case study for what we have working right now.
Thank you for your interest in my book.

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the page, here's the deal: 

I'm giving you a FREE copy of my most popular book, "The Ideal Business Formula" (currently retailing at $19.95) for FREE. Yes, this book is free, and you get instant access, now.  

There's not catch... no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.  

You have my word! 

So, click the button below to get your FREE copy now. You won't regret it.
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