“The Client Combine Blueprint Guaranteed to Increase Results, Retention And Take Your Tribe To a Whole New Level”
“The Client Combine Blueprint Guaranteed to Increase Results, Retention And Take Your Tribe To a Whole New Level”
If you own or run a training facility, you have experienced “The Breakup”…

It happens when a long-term member does not renew their membership. 

You are caught off guard. You never saw it coming. You wonder what you could have done differently to keep them.   

It feels like someone broke up with you!   

“Why did this happen to me?” you ask yourself again and again… 

Well…accept it.   

In this case it was YOU, not them. 

You most likely put the relationship with them on “cruise control” and figured they would always be there. 


And here’s what you need to know. They wanted to stay, but you just didn’t give them a reason to. 

You lost the connection.  
Listen, if your clients stay with you, have a connection with you, love what you do, can see the changes they want, and are motivated to bring their friends and family to you…you have conquered the three biggest challenges facing fitness facility owners…
  • Retention.
  • Referrals.
  • Results.
People want to belong! They don’t like change. They want to stay… 
But, without feeling like they are a part of something, members can QUICKLY lose motivation.
Unmotivated members leave. 

Most programs “run their course” and people leave…and you’re left trying to get more people through your doors to make up for it. 


What if they stayed because they would never THINK of going anywhere else? 

What if they looked forward to going to your facility and your next event? 

What if you had a system in place that gave them success after success? 

That’s when you have RAVING fans…the term these days is a “tribe”.   
(Who doesn’t want a tribe?!)

Now you can have access to a Powerful and Proven Facility Challenge Tool which will… 
  • Increase member retention to upwards of 90%
  • Increase your profit margins by over 5%
  • Send your members self-esteem and confidence through the roof!
  • Guarantee better results through a more motivated and competitive atmosphere
  • Make client results go from ‘drudgery’ to fun!
  • Promote Teamwork and client ‘connection’ (Yes, that where tribes come from!)
Does that sound like something you would want at your place?
(If you’ll not sure about some things, check out the Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ below)

Well, Fred Zoller has done just that for you.
Fred has experienced growth any facility owner in the country would KILL for!

In just 4 years, Fred has grown “LEAN Performance Academy” from scratch, in a 1000 sq. ft. facility to an 8000 sq. ft. facility consistently supporting over 500 members. 

Here’s what’s even more impressive… 

This process alone has added and ADDITIONAL $10,000 in profit to his bottom line.
This is more profit than most fitness business owners make in the entire year with their business alone.

This is the exact system he developed to fuel this incredible growth.   

And it’s all done with the members he already has while consistently maintaining a retention rate of over 90%! 
He does it by creating an “EVENT-BASED” atmosphere that ties into your client’s most powerful inner needs…all the while producing outrageous results.
What are these needs?

They need to get past difficult times without quitting… 

They need to experience a series of successes that keeps them coming back AND keeps them HIGHLY motivated… 

They want to have FUN and not be focused on the drudgery of weight loss… 

They want to be a part of something…feel like a team member by building powerful bonds with fellow members as well as you and your staff… 

They seek the competitiveness in all of us that makes them WANT to keep training with you…to set new personal records and reach new goals… 

Fred has put a ridiculous amount of resources in one place. 

Then, he has divided things into two very clear and easy to implement parts. 

Here is what you can expect: 

Step One details your assessment process… 

A “Done for You” Fitness Testing system:
  • Amazing and well researched fitness standards system
  • Complete “Combine Event” blueprint 
  • Yearly Programming Calendar 
  • Member Scorecards 
  • Marketing Plan 
  • Fitness Standards System Graphic
  • Wristband Graphic (and contact info for ordering) 
  • Combine Set-Up Graphic  
  • Combine Marketing Graphic  
  • Personal Record Board Graphic and Excel spreadsheet you can modify
  • Ranking Board Graphic and Excel spreadsheet you can also modify 
Step Two is where the magic happens…

Here is your “In-house Competition System”: 

  • A complete “In-House Competition Blueprint”
  • Event Instructions and Set-up 
  • Marketing Plan  
  • 1 Year of “Done for You” Challenges (3 events yearly) 
  • “Done for You” Group Warm-ups
  • Sales Emails for the Competition Events
  • Sponsor Emails (yet another revenue opportunity!) 
  • Competition Poster Graphic 
  • Competition Shirt Graphic
If this sounds like something you could use to take your Tribe to the next level, simply click the button below for instant access!

Only $147
Again, PLEASE check out our FAQ section at the bottom of the page! #

If you are ready to create the kind of following that competitors can only dream of, this is where to start. 

Plug in this powerful tool ASAP! 
P.S. If you even suspect this might be a great fit for you, we are going to make life even easier…

Try it out for 60 days – that’s plenty of time to run multiple competitions – and if you don’t keep more members, bring in TONS of new ones and feel your connection to all of them grow stronger, you will get a 100% refund.   

No risk. 
No obligation. 
No worries. 
Only $147
How do I know my members will like this?
A common question asked by our client’s all the time is, “I am doing good?” What they are really asking is, “How am I doing compared to everyone else?” 

As we know from history, humans are competitive by nature and fitness standards, like any other standard, IS competition – without being intimidating.  

The fitness testing keeps it fun, inspiring and motivating to help ensure everyone’s success. It is a system that will constantly provide clear goals for members to move towards; similar to earning a black belt in Karate.  

It’s a personal accomplishment obtained through labor of love! 

It adds a layer of accountability and competition that promotes the individual, community building and camaraderie. 

Short, answer? Your clients will love it. In our experience, it is extremely rare NOT to… 
Exactly how will I create extra profits?
Another great question.

The primary change is the increase in your average client’s lifetime value (length of time each client stays with you x their monthly spending)

In addition, you will create a constant flow of leads by referrals from current happy clients getting RESULTS! 

Retention. Referrals. Results. The name of the game. Period. 

The second way is to hold in-house member competitions 3-4 times per year. Each of these will yield pure profits to your bottom-line.  

All the systems are outlined in specifics inside the system! 

These events are loved by all and are compared to other events such as Tough Mudders, Rucksack Challenges, Warrior Dashes and races (5K, 10k etc.)  

Let’s face it…all of these events keep people plugged into fitness outside of the norm of attending the gym. 
What if I only have a very small membership?
The fitness standards are designed to be effective for one person up to larger groups. 

The size of the membership doesn’t matter. You could operate a combine with only 5 people. Heck, we ALL started out with tiny memberships, right? 

What’s important is the enthusiasm and the results they get from training for the standards and the longevity it creates in regards to retention. 

The key is creating an atmosphere where individuals are working on consistent improvements and WANT to move from one level to another!  
What if I don’t do large group training? 
The fitness standards and the combines can be used with any form of training from private personal training up to large groups.

In fact, we encourage coaches to use the standards with their personal clients as a means of adding value to the programming. 

And as we mentioned, the testing provides clear goals for your clients to move towards.  

Finally, the main goal of the entire program is to increase retention and referrals! This applies to any form of training you provide! 
I have a small facility, will this system work for me?
Yes! The majority of the testing can be done either in a 4x4 square foot space or you can just go outside (with the exception of BB Squats and BB Deadlifts). 
How will this fit with my current programming?
Great question! The program comes with a one year done-for-you programming template. 

Each standard will be tested once every 4 months for a total of 3 tests for each throughout the entire year.  

There will also be a monthly combine, which is outlined in the product.  

From here all you have to do is prep your clients for the upcoming fitness tests by adding in the exercises throughout the months according to which test is coming up. 

Look at this product as an ideal supplement or “value add” to your programs, not a replacement.  

Your existing programming will not be disrupted in any way. 
Are the fitness standards safe?
The fitness standards are safe and have been well researched to test a person in both strength traits and conditioning levels, designed to increase in difficulty with each level according to a person’s abilities and training age.

With this said, we are all aware there is always a possibility for injury in any fitness program, so proper progressions leading up to the actual testing needs to be done. (Yes, I know we are all fitness pros, but this bears repeating) 

This includes proper warm ups and a full understanding of the limitations of each individual client.  

The goal is to be fun and create consistent goals, not be dangerous. 
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